taking a quick break

So I wasn't intending to go on a winter break without warning, but with being busy getting ready for holidays and stuff, plus work being kinda creatively draining this last week, plus not being happy with the next few pages, I think it needs to happen now. I'm planning on it being 2-3 weeks so I have time to relax and focus on sketching out the rest of the chapter, but I'll keep you updated. Also, this was very much a last-minute decision, so I haven't figured out any sort of filler yet. We could do a Q&A if ya'll have any questions?

For this week's filler we have the Prototype's final character design. Figuring out where all those eyes should go took a while, but I'm happy with the way she turned out. I think I'm going to throw some older art of her on Patreon later this week since she's one of the earlier characters in this story, and I'm happy she finally got to show up.

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