Hey, it's been a while! I hope you're all doing well. Life has continued to be very up and down for me, hence the long gap between updates (but the general trend is more or less upwards, so there's that at least). In case you didn't see it somewhere else already, I've decided to switch from trying to do weekly updates to trying monthly updates instead. The new update day will be the first Sunday of the month, and I'm aiming for multi-page updates each time (this was almost a 2 page update, but unfortunately I had a pretty terrible last two weeks and ran out of steam shortly before finishing the second page). I'm hoping it will help me work on multiple pages at a time more easily, which I already prefer doing, and feel like I have a bit more of a break between working on the pages, but I guess we'll see have to see how that works out for the next few months.

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