This update is a bit special for me because this moment- when the eldritch abominations first cross over and start corruption- is one I've visited a few different times as part of class projects. I made two different short comics depicting it and one illustration showing the aftermath of it, and even though all three are pretty dramatically different from this, it's still kinda nostalgic to get to this part in the comic itself. Like, it's the same thing again, but for real this time, and now with the added context of the rest of the comic instead of being a single isolated scene. Because of that, I'm also very partial to this particular abomination (affectionately called Mr. Hands). I think they were the first one I tried designing? and also one of the last designs I finally felt happy with lol. If for no other reason, I think I'll post some of that old art on Patreon and later on Tumblr so ya'll can see Mr. Hands' glow-up over the years. XD

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