I have nicknames for all the eldritch abominations in broken. This is nicknamed "the infinitely long flying sky centipede" for reasons that will soon be clear.
And speaking of things coming soon, next week's update is extra special because it's going to be a little longer & will end on PAGE 200. Page 200 is a landmark I've been looking forward to for quite a while, and it's crazy to me that we're already there. Be sure to check back next Sunday to see it!

Comic of the Week!


Castoff - Vector always dreamed of traveling. He got kidnapped instead. Now, with the help of a short-tempered bounty hunter, a happy-go-lucky cartographer, and many more unlikely friends, he has to try and make it home in one piece.


Ingress Adventuring Company - Toivo Kissa is Ingress Adventuring Co., a very small, very wizard-based dungeoneering service. No job is too small, though sometimes his adventures are problems of his own making.

Note: Ingress is so funny and charming, I can't help but love it.


Children of Eldair - A sorcerer saves a girl from flesh-eating demons. After trying to use magic to find her friends, he’s trapped in a vision of the past--one that will help him save the world and the girl he loves.

Note: Children of Eldair is slow paced, which is normally not my thing, but I really enjoyed reading and kinda fell in love with the sorcerer. I need to catch up on it again.

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