If you don't want to read the oncoming wall of text, don't worry- I'm leaving a TLDR right above Comic of the Week.
HOLY COW IT'S PAGE 200. Getting here is kinda a huge deal to me for a lot of reasons, starting with how pg200 was always a landmark for me to look forward to. Page count has never been super important to me because I always told myself that broken would be as long as it needed to be. However, early on I guessed that it would be around 500 pages long, and the length of the first two chapters seemed to back it up. I bought a sketchbook dedicated to page sketches, and figured out I could get 200 pages in it, meaning it would get me almost halfway through the story. Well, in spite of redrawing a lot of pages, using some of the paper for other stuff, and sketching a bunch of pages digitally, somehow the sketch for page 200 landed on the final page of the sketchbook.
Spoiler: we're not even close to being halfway done. We have 30 pages left in this chapter alone, and then about 2.5 chapters after that before we get to the midpoint, so needless to say, broken is going to be SIGNIFICANTLY longer than I originally expected.
And I'm okay with that. Pretty thrilled, even, because I love broken and I WANT to spend more time on it and make it the best I can. It started off playing second fiddle to another story I've been kicking around (and will, one day, make), but broken has both really grown me and developed into something a lot better than I ever expected. And part of that is definitely due to you, my readers- reading your reactions has helped me out so much, both with figuring out whether or not my storytelling is working, and just for sheer motivation. I love all of you. <3 Same for my Patrons too- they're absolutely awesome, and it's such a relief knowing that, thanks to them, <i>broken basically covers its own expenses. Really the only downside is that I wanted to print broken all at once when it was finished, but that's going to be a long time off and I was hoping to table at conventions . . . sooner than that.
So we're gonna split it into multiple books and do a Kickstarter for Volume 1 (Chapters 1-4) this year. It won't be until after this chapter is finished so I don't give myself too much more work than necessary (which I'm already prone to doing), and going by page count that puts it around September or October. Obviously this is subject to change due to life things, and I'll keep y'all updated when we get closer.
I've already started brainstorming things like backer rewards, and am considering: prints, custom bookplates, bookmarks, stickers, pins, decals, and patches. If there's anything specific y'all would like to see, I'd love to hear it!

TLDR Gonna do a Kickstarter to print Volume 1 (Chapters 1-4) when this chapter is done. Probably in September or October.

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XII: Of Magic and Muses: Willow lives in a mundane and restricted school, which ends up being the worst place someone could get gifted a magical necklace. Desperately trying to contain the magic within, this act of futility seems to just make matters worse. As the necklace crumbles the school’s secrets around her, Willow is left to wonder if it was a gift sent by friend or foe? Find out at xiicomic.com


SupervillainousThe Crimson Claw is a family man, a self-made supervillain, and accidental savior. Now it’s time for the next generation to take up the family business!

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