Early update today because Husband & I are seeing Endgame right after church or something so who knows what time we'll back. Pretty much the only thing I know about this movie is that it's long. XD This is also another short update because my life has continued to be kinda crazy, but GOOD NEWS- our moving situation has been figured out! (I mentioned this a while back, IDK if you remember) We were approved for the apartment we wanted, and are going to be moving at the end of the month. Comic updates may or may happen over the next few weeks because we have a lot of packing and furniture shopping and other errands to get done before we get into the new place, and unfortunately the best time for us to do that is over the weekend. Which is when I do most of my comic work. I will at least keep updating my Patrons in the meantime, with comic stuff and/or with old art I find while packing.

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