Wow, that's it. That's the chapter. It's so weird that it's finally done- I did a page count and it's roughly twice the length of the previous chapters, no wonder it feels like I've been working on it for forever. XD Anyways, it's onto the chapter break.
Like I said last week, the end of the chapter somehow snuck up on me and I don't have any kind of filler ready. If you are a person who would like your broken related art featured here over the break, message me and we'll get that figured out! This break is going to be at least a month, but with the winter holidays and everything it might end up being a bit longer. I'll keep my Twitter updated either way. ALSO if you are enjoying the story, maybe consider supporting me on Patreon? Every little bit helps me out a ton and my current Patrons are the best. And I'm going to be posting a lot of concept art/worldbuilding/new reference stuff up there over the hiatus too, so there's that. As always, thank you so much to all of my readers- whether you donate, comment, or lurk and read, you're all amazing and I love you. <3

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