OKAY so that hiatus took way longer than I expected or wanted and the world is gradually bearing more and more resemblance to this fictional world loosely based on the 1940s and I don’t really know how I feel about that, but hey at least I’m back to finishing comic pages again! I hope you’re all doing okay? We’re in quarantine right now, which is a mixed bag of emotions, but at least I finally had time to both rest and get lots of work done on the comic.

ALSO since I’ve had several people say they like seeing the full comic page version of the pages, starting today all Patrons can read the finished page at the same time as the panels get posted here. You can also buy PDFs of the completed chapters on my online store.

FINALLY, I kinda unintentionally missed Comic of the Week when it was active, so I’m going to be featuring those comics over the next several weeks. There’s a lot of great comics in SpiderForest, so check them out!

Comics of the Week - Jan 5th

We kick off our Comics of the Week with several selections featured from our Anthro collection. From abandoned races trying to survive in their new environment to wacky adventures in a realm of owls, these fluffy, furry, scaly characters have a story to tell you!


The Cyantian Chronicles - Darius Akaelae has to make a decision, run as a lone wolf or with his pack. Some lessons are best learned on your own and this is one that will be leave an imprint on a young cub's soul.


Realm of Owls – Here is a link. It can be clicked. It goes to a site. The site has documentaries about owls. Written by owls. And contain many owls. They also contain interesting things, such as socioeconomics and literal hootery.

Anyway, click the link.

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